Said hello to the world on the Baltic Sea coast in Northern Germany, and started windsurfing at the age of 12. Although you might know him for his success in the slalom and foil discipline, he is a savvy wave sailor as well.

After all, it began with wave sailing for him. His favorite spots are Maui, Tarifa, Klitmöller, to name a few; however, he is on the go throughout the whole year, searching for the best race training spots in the world.

Windsurfing is his everything, but everything he does is not only windsurfing. Apart from studying to get his degree in Marketing, he is building his own brand around his name and skill-sets on social media.

He works with several companies, both related and non-related to his windsurfing career. If you want to learn more about him you might want to go ahead and check him out on social media… or, if you get a chance, on the water!